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Sisters! Follow your heart!

I'm a Soldieress, and I share my blood with you
I'm a Soldieress, and I know you feel it too

Now i might wear a dress, flash my eyelashes
But I know there's work to do
Yes a man's impressed when he sees me coming
But I know that I'm more than they view

Let me tell you fellow sisters
That the war ain't over yet
And while these high heels give us blisters
May we never forget

That a Soldieress keeps on loving
But she knows when enough is enough
Never taking less than she knows she's work

And we don't say yes when we mean no
We make that clear from the start
Noone's got to guess because we keep it simple
We always follow our heart

'Cause we a Soldieress and we never give up fighting
Just to keep our spirits alive
All around is stress
In a word where the fittest survive

Yes we laugh and we cry and we bleed
And we try and we fail and succeed

Whether you carry a baby
Or you love to cook for your man
Whether you walk like a lady
Or you're making your very own stand
Whether your hair is in ribbons
Or whether it's under your arms
Every last one is a winner
As long as you follow your heart

Soldieress! Keep on fighting!
Soldieress! Follow your heart!
Soldieress! Keep on loving!


from Patchwork Prophecies, released August 14, 2011
Written by Mellow Baku

Mellow Baku: Vocals and backing vocals, arrangement
Mike Sole: Keyboard
Steve Nutter: Double Bass
David Anderson: Drums

STUDIO: Deadline Studios, Leicester 2010
PRODUCERS: Mellow Baku, Adam Ellis
ENGINEER: Adam Ellis



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